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Aktimate epos
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 AktiMate is an active 2-way system negating the need for a separate amplifier.

It has its own 40 Watt per channel amp built in to one of the speakers.

It has a connection for an iPod built in.

It will accept the iPhone.

It has a rear panel jack plug to accommodate the connection of any MP3 or MP4 player or your computer.

It has RCA stereo inputs to permit connection of any hi-fi source product, CD Player, tuner etc.

It has RCA stereo outputs to allow for the connection of a subwoofer.

Should the desire be to run a second pair of AktiMate speakers, the RCA outputs accommodate daisy chaining which will provide independent volume control in each location.

It has a video output for connection to a larger monitor (handy if your iPod has photo storage or video clips). Suitable only for earlier edition iPods to version 5.

It is fully shielded, so placement alongside a monitor presents no problem.

It has a USB connector so that an MP3 can be directly charged from the speaker.

The iPod charges when it is in the dock.

It has voltage selection if you want to take your AktiMate speakers to a part of the world using different mains voltages.

It has a volume control on the front panel for ease of operation � a control which, with a simple press, takes the system into standby.

It has remote control and comes with a small but perfectly formed handset!

The remote handset not only controls the volume of the speakers plus mute and standby, but also all basic functions of an iPod.

It comes in a choice of colours � initially gloss black or gloss white � with others to be added in the near future. Each speaker stands 30 cm high.

It comes complete with speaker cable to connect the speakers to each other � in other words everything you need is right there in the box.

An accessory pack is included to accommodate many iPods.

As you would expect, Epos speaker technology coupled with Creek Audio amplifier technology ensures the sound quality is extraordinary. It is exceptionally dynamic
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